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100 posts later…


If the title didn’t give it away, I’m announcing that I’ve written 100 blog posts!  Granted, not all of them were written written, but whatever. What I really mean to say now is that though now is not the time to get sentimental, I’ve learned a lot while writing for Blog Squad over the past 7 months.

For instance, I’ve learned that people like reading about rants. Especially rants about controversial topics like sexism.

They also like to look at pictures. Pictures are good. Pictures of people doing dumb things, even better.

The most important thing I’ve learned, though, is that I like blogging. I like putting out content and making people laugh or cringe or even think. It’s something that gives me a good feeling (dat surge of dopamine, man).

So here’s three cheers for blogging! Hip, hip, hurrah!

PS. You ain’t seen the last of the mushy stuff yet 😉