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Turkey bloat

Hullo, everybody!

I hope that you’re all happy and content after the long weekend, and that you’ve counted your thanks. ¬†I know I am and have ūüėÄ I also happen to be sporting a healthy food baby. ¬†Mmm, stuffing; the best part of the meal. ¬†At times like these, I’m glad to be living at home.

I was hoping to post a picture of the turkey yesterday, but I got caught up with procrastinating  studying chemistry.  Chemistry, why must you be so confusing?

So here instead is a summary of my long weekend. Also, Kim’s.

Someone please, teach me how to study efficiently ūüôĀ

Midweek Recap: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Why the past two days have been good:

  • I’m pretty sure I did well on my first ever midterm! It was easier than I anticipated, so I finished it in 20 min. Too bad it was only worth 10% of my KIN 190 (physiology) ¬†mark.
  • I downloaded new music and it makes me happy.
  • I can do a cartwheel almost perfectly now! Yay, gymnastics class!
  • I got all my chemistry lab work done last night. ¬†In less than 4 hours. ¬†Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with me too.
  • I drove to school today, and I snagged the last cheap parking spot this morning. ūüėÄ

Why the past two days have been bad:

  • I’m exhausted. ¬†I stayed at school late last night to finish my chemistry lab, and so I didn’t get home until 11. ¬†I’m definitely not getting enough sleep; the dark circles under my eyes feel permanent.
  • I opened up a juice box today, took a sip, and realized it tasted like pineapple. ¬†I’m allergic to pineapples.
  • Also, the job action is confusing me. ¬†I thought we just went through this in highschool…
Something ugly:  
It turns out I completed the wrong pre-lab last night. ¬†Suddenly, I’m not so impressed with myself, the lab professor is not impressed, and I’m realizing why¬†it’s a really bad idea to do your lab work the night before.¬†So for all you chemistry students: CHECK YOUR LAB SCHEDULE!

Driving to UBC

Today was a special day for three reasons.

  • I had my first ever 3-hour-long chemistry lab. ¬†It was incredibly confusing, and I made a whole bunch of silly mistakes.
  • I finally met my fellow Blog Squad bloggers. ¬†They are a cool bunch ūüôā ¬†We had breakfast together and it was lovely.

Yes, it was exciting.¬† For the past two weeks, I’ve been taking public transit to and from school. ¬†There’s a reason for that! And it’s not because I’m scared of driving. ¬†Although I do get a a little nervous on the big streets…

A pretty-close-to-accurate depiction of myself. In a car. Behind the front wheel.

No, the reason why I don’t drive to school usually is because there is no cheap parking left after 8:30am. I kid you not. ¬†The $6 flat-rate parking lots were 2/3 filled up by 7:45am this morning. ¬†I think it’s kind of insane.

So if you have classes after 9am (like me) you really have no chance of getting those coveted parking spots. But there’s a bonus for you 8am class-takers!

Anyways, even though parking’s expensive, I like driving to UBC. ¬†It definitely takes less time than taking transit,¬†even if you consider all the traffic lights you skip when you’re on the skytrain. ¬†You can blast music and not bother other people. ¬†You can bring as much stuff to school as you like. ¬†And there’s something nice about taking in the city view(sort of. ¬†Some parts are nice, some parts are meh), as opposed to staring at the broken zipper of someone else’s backpack whilst desperately clinging on to the bus rails.

Example: did anyone else taking the 99 bus notice the CVC (Chinese Varsity Club) picket signs along University Boulevard? ¬†The bright yellow paint, the dancing bananas, the boards that said “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE”? ¬†Yeah, me neither.

But would I recommend driving to all commuters? No. ¬†It really is too expensive to do all the time, especially since you’re already paying for the U-Pass. ¬†And if you don’t have an 8am class, it’s close to impossible to get (relatively) cheap parking. ¬†So I’m just going to keep taking the bus to school and getting excited every time I have to go to school early. ūüėÄ