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When it snows in Vancouver

my reaction to snow

Stop forcing me to scrape my car’s windshield every morning, sheesh.


Got a flu shot yesterday!

Yay for tidbits about Courtney!

On Saturday mornings, I volunteer at a residential care centre in Burnaby called St. Michaels.  I’m part of the manicures program there, which basically means I get to file and paint the nails of the residents there.  Well mostly women, obviously.

Anyways, since I’m part of the health care service I have to take part in all the sanitary regulations.  This includes either getting a flu shot or wearing a mask around the residents.  I opted for the flu vaccination, because it was free and why not?

But now my arm is hurting and I can only lift it to about shoulder height.  I don’t regret it though, because I’d really rather not get sick when final exams roll around.  I feel invincible now!