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More FlexPass woes

Even though I bought my FlexPass to the Thunderbird parkade ages ago, I’ve only tried using it about three times. All three times, the pass failed to register with the receiving antennae and I’ve had to take a spitter ticket instead. It was frustrating, though; from what I knew about the FlexPass, I should have been saving money and paying only around $8 per use instead of $14.

Flex Pass: Your parking solution

The solution that turned out not to be the right solution after all.

So yesterday I went to UBC Parking Services and inquired about my FlexPass, which had seen no use. They were all like hunnnnnnnh? and said that the pass should have been working.

Then the lady who was helping me told me that at Thunderbird Parkade there’s a flat rate of $7 all day. So to park there for a day it is actually cheaper to take a spitter ticket than to use the FlexPass.


Luckily, the lady said I could refund my pass although apparently that’s not allowed and I am now FlexPass free. And FlexPass-woe free. I even returned the actual pass thingy, because I’m pretty sure I won’t be driving to UBC enough to warrant a pass in the future. Watch me eat my words. Huffah!