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Post-unboxing and posts to come

So I got that tablet I was talking about! Squeeeeeeeee.

Of course, I opened it as soon as I came home, and tried it out as soon as I could. I’m pretty happy with it! It’s a little weird scribbling on the tablet while looking in a different direction, but I’ll get used to it.

I’m still waiting to download the included software (Photoshop, ermagerd), so I don’t have any fancy programs to scribble with. Therefore, my drawings won’t look the same was before, unfortunately 🙁

I ignored punctuation on purpose, I swear.

However, I am now more determined to blog more, with more pictures. Expect to see:

  1. A post about a disaster averted with the help of a friendly UBC staff member, and
  2. A post about what I was even doing at UBC in the first place (y’know, because no school and everything).

My name is Courtney, and I am going to BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY