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Touching on Vanier vs. Totem

I went to UBC again today!  This time, I went to visit some friends living in rez.   The rooms in Vanier were alright!  They were a little cramped for my liking, yes, but then again there’s plenty of space around UBC .  I love the entire layout of Place Vanier.  The  grassy area was definitely perfect for today’s barbeque (and yes, I did buy a burger for $1).  But then  I went to q’elexen house in Totem Park.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s unfair, how nice the building is.   My friend lives in a connected single room, and it looks just like a hotel room! In fact, it even smells a little like a freshly serviced hotel room.  There’s so much space, the furniture has more useful features (bulletin board, locked drawer), and the windows are big and clear.  Oh, and did I mention the shared bathroom? My friend is a lucky boy, indeed.

But a major downside of living in Totem Park is that it’s so far away from, well, the centre of everything.  For me, it takes 10 minutes to walk from Totem to Vanier, and even longer to get up to the Main Mall.  Bah!  In my opinion, Place Vanier gets one up on Totem Park, because location, location, location.

Still, I’m a little jealous of everyone living on campus. I’m not excited for  early morning commutes. At all.