Imagine Day 2012

So obviously, I’m excited for Imagine day.  I can’t wait to run around UBC’s beautiful campus with people I’ve just met (and will hopefully be friends with in the future).  I especially look forward to the end of the day rally, when ALL the freshmen gather around in the stadium.  Imagine 7000+ students, each bellowing out our respective faculty pride!  In case you’re wondering, the kids frolicking in bright green (hello, bright green nail polish) will be the kinesiology students (on a side note, it is now the goal of everyone reading this to know the colours of all the faculties).

To be honest, though, I’m a little nervous about meeting people tomorrow.  How are you supposed to greet people you casually “met” online?  Formally introduce yourself, or act as if you’ve been buddies all along?  Awkward handshake and small talk?  And what if you forget someone’s name? There’s a whole lot of social pitfalls that could be out there tomorrow, and I’m doubtful about my ability to successfully navigate them all.  But no matter what happens, tomorrow will make for a good story 🙂

See you all tomorrow!

PS. Weather forecast? Sunny!

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