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Height disparities are awkward

So as you might already know, I’ve ended the gymnastics section of my KIN 115B course and started the dance section!  There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of technique involved.  It’s more like free movement and feelings and stuff. Grrrr, I don’t know if I like it or not.

Anyways, we started partner dancing yesterday! We switched around partners a couple of times, and I ended up with this really, really tall guy.  For every step he took, I had to make a giant leap.  Awkward was an understatement.

Is this rude?

Next week: Swing dance!

Course Review: KIN 115B Gymnastics

So last Wednesday, October 17th was my gymnastics midterm, which marked the end of the gymnastics unit in my KIN 115 course.  It makes me a little sad to think that we won’t be doing gymnastics anymore.  I’d never done any gymnastics before, so it was a totally new learning experience for me (as it was for most of my peers).

Instructor: Jennifer Dober.  She’s actually a gymnastics coach, so she knows her stuff.  She does awesome demonstrations (because it’s gymnastics) and you can’t really help but be amazed.  We called her by her first name, as is usual in an athlete/coach relationship.

Time and Place: This class was only on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  It was good, because by that time I was awake enough to function properly. Our classes were in Gym B East in the Osbourne Centre.  The facility has all the proper gymnastics equipment for youths.  However, sometimes there were problems with using the equipment, because there were guys as tall as 6’4 in my class. They managed to get around it okay, though.

Prerequisites: None, although I’d say you’d have to be moderately athletic to complete the gymnastics section of the course.  I’m not particularly strong—especially in my upper body—but most of the time I could make up for my weakness with flexibility.  The same can be said in reverse for many of the guys in my class; although they were not flexible, they had enough strength and power to cover their inflexibility.  For sure, though, you absolutely cannot be injured to take part in the course.

Textbook: You wouldn’t think that a gymnastics course would have a textbook, but no.  We had to buy a gymnastic coach’s manual directly from Jenn, which was $45.  You needed it for the midterm, but unless you’re planning to be a gym coach, it’ll be useless in the future.  I’m hoping to sell mine to another student taking this course.

The Marking System: Apart from the midterm, all the tests were done in class.  Basically, we learned each skill set within one or two classes (examples: forward rolls, headstands, cartwheels) and then we would be tested on whether we could do them or not.  If you could do the skill with proper technique, you got the mark—anything else, you failed that particular test. The focus of this class was mainly on being able to teach developmental gymnastics, though, so our two big projects were more based on that. The written midterm was harder than I expected, but I feel like I did reasonably okay on it.  We will have to see!

I can’t actually recommend this course to anyone outside of the school of kinesiology, as it’s a faculty-only course.  But for those who are in kinesiology, I can say that if you can, take it!  It’s an elective course, but even now I feel like I wouldn’t have had as much fun this term without it.  Plus, I’ve gotten to know the people in my class pretty well already because it’s such a small group! For a university class, we’re pretty tight 😀

In any case, that’s a wrap for this part of the course!  I’ll be posting a review on the second half later this term, as well as reviews for my other classes (check my About page).

It’s been a long (but not long) weekend

Things I have to do for the upcoming week:

  1. Write a sport sociology (KIN 161) midterm exam on Tuesday morning.  Even though I get a double-sided “cheat sheet”, it will not be pretty.  I should have listened when they (every other blogger) told me to pre-read.
  2. Attend an anatomy (KIN 190) bell-ringer on Tuesday afternoon.  The bell-ringer is basically a test where each student goes around to stations and answer  questions on anatomy—in this case, specifically the skull, vertebral column, chest, and shoulders. SO. MUCH. MEMORIZATION.
  3. Write a gymnastics (KIN 115) midterm on Wednesday afternoon.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I’m taking a gymnastics/dance class this term.  And yes, my midterm is a written one.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but I still have to remember all the fundamentals I’ve learned  in the past month.
  4. Present a sports sociology (KIN 161) debate on Thursday morning.  My group’s topic: “Be it resolved that sport is good for children”.
  5. Complete a chemistry (CHEM 121)  lab on Thursday afternoon.  Remember my last chemistry lab fiasco? I’m determined not to let it happen again.  But there’s just so much work I have to do beforehand…

I just want to curl up in my warm cozy bed and sleep forever! The rain is making me feel lethargic and lazy. I really, really don’t want to do my readings right now, even though I really, really should.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to work really hard for an hour, and then listen to this song and watch this cute video and feel better.  And then I’m going to repeat again, and again.  Tally-ho!

Edit: Oh, for pineapple’s sake! I forgot about my in-class English essay tomorrow. 🙁

Exam Schedules are up!

If you log onto the Student Service Centre online (, you will be able to find the exact times of the final exams for this term’s classes. Final exam season starts on December 5th, I believe, and goes ’til December 19th.  Guess when my last exam is?

My exam schedule… It kinda really sucks.  Within 7 days, I have 5 midterms.  And one of them is on a Saturday. 🙁

I didn’t even know they had exams on the weekend!

I’m going to have to plan my studying very, very carefully, so that I don’t end up cramming frantically the night before each exam. But if I do, I’ll blog about it so you guys can bask in my misery. I’ll probably have a bad time, but at least I’ll have the holidays to look forward to!

Thank goodness it’s the weekend now.  I could definitely use the break, especially with my chemistry lab fiasco.  Have a good one, everybody!

Midweek Recap: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Why the past two days have been good:

  • I’m pretty sure I did well on my first ever midterm! It was easier than I anticipated, so I finished it in 20 min. Too bad it was only worth 10% of my KIN 190 (physiology)  mark.
  • I downloaded new music and it makes me happy.
  • I can do a cartwheel almost perfectly now! Yay, gymnastics class!
  • I got all my chemistry lab work done last night.  In less than 4 hours.  Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with me too.
  • I drove to school today, and I snagged the last cheap parking spot this morning. 😀

Why the past two days have been bad:

  • I’m exhausted.  I stayed at school late last night to finish my chemistry lab, and so I didn’t get home until 11.  I’m definitely not getting enough sleep; the dark circles under my eyes feel permanent.
  • I opened up a juice box today, took a sip, and realized it tasted like pineapple.  I’m allergic to pineapples.
  • Also, the job action is confusing me.  I thought we just went through this in highschool…
Something ugly:  
It turns out I completed the wrong pre-lab last night.  Suddenly, I’m not so impressed with myself, the lab professor is not impressed, and I’m realizing why it’s a really bad idea to do your lab work the night before. So for all you chemistry students: CHECK YOUR LAB SCHEDULE!