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A Magikarp in anatomy?!

Okay. I really should not be blogging because I have two tests tomorrow but this just cannot wait.  It’s that awesome.

A paper creature. This picture was taken on my crappy phone.

Who brought it in, I don’t know.  I’m pretty positive it’s a magikarp, because what else would it be?

I do know, however, that it very slightly made my day and made me smile 🙂 and I sure need to smile during Hell Week (as I have dubbed it).  Keep bringing on the surprises!

It’s been a long (but not long) weekend

Things I have to do for the upcoming week:

  1. Write a sport sociology (KIN 161) midterm exam on Tuesday morning.  Even though I get a double-sided “cheat sheet”, it will not be pretty.  I should have listened when they (every other blogger) told me to pre-read.
  2. Attend an anatomy (KIN 190) bell-ringer on Tuesday afternoon.  The bell-ringer is basically a test where each student goes around to stations and answer  questions on anatomy—in this case, specifically the skull, vertebral column, chest, and shoulders. SO. MUCH. MEMORIZATION.
  3. Write a gymnastics (KIN 115) midterm on Wednesday afternoon.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I’m taking a gymnastics/dance class this term.  And yes, my midterm is a written one.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but I still have to remember all the fundamentals I’ve learned  in the past month.
  4. Present a sports sociology (KIN 161) debate on Thursday morning.  My group’s topic: “Be it resolved that sport is good for children”.
  5. Complete a chemistry (CHEM 121)  lab on Thursday afternoon.  Remember my last chemistry lab fiasco? I’m determined not to let it happen again.  But there’s just so much work I have to do beforehand…

I just want to curl up in my warm cozy bed and sleep forever! The rain is making me feel lethargic and lazy. I really, really don’t want to do my readings right now, even though I really, really should.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to work really hard for an hour, and then listen to this song and watch this cute video and feel better.  And then I’m going to repeat again, and again.  Tally-ho!

Edit: Oh, for pineapple’s sake! I forgot about my in-class English essay tomorrow. 🙁

Exploring: The Museum of Anthropology

Hola! Have I ever mentioned that I love my classes this term?

Here’s one of the reasons why: My English professor, Gudrun Dreher, took us on a “field trip” to UBC’s Museum of Anthropology! It was a refreshing change from textual analysis in our little classroom in Buchanan D.

The MOA (Museum of Anthropology) can be found in the northern part of campus, on Northwest Marine Drive (past the rose garden).  It’s a beautiful building when you look at it from the back, but when you’re coming in from the front it does’t look like much at all.  There’s some very pretty landscape around the museum, although I don’t understand why there are sprinklers in the middle of the pond.

Inside are a lot of artifacts from different cultures; most notably, Northwest First Nations cultures*.  When I say “a lot”, I really mean a lot.  You could easily spend an entire day looking at the all the displays and reading descriptions.  I’m not a museum person myself, but I actually found that there were a lot of things that attracted my attention.  Those masks were pretty freaky! I want to borrow one for Halloween.

But because it’s an English class, there’s another big assignment we have to do.  Urgh. 

I’m glad she made us go to the MOA, though, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone on my own.  Going to the museum is another thing that all UBC students should do (is it just me, or do I do recommendations a lot?).

So when you have time (and I mean when you’re not cramming for midterms), go!

*They have Bill Reid’s Raven and the First Men! It’s one of my favourite sculptures 😀


Eating in class (the right way)

Isn’t it annoying when you’re trying to listen your prof’s lecture, but instead all you can hear are the distinct crackling noises of your neighbour’s candy wrapper? Or even worse— when you’re distracted and embarrassed by the loud growls your own stomach is making?*

Yep! Been there, done that.

So here are some of my tips on how to prevent awkward hunger-situations!

  • Eat breakfast.  And lunch. And dinner.  Skipping meals isn’t good for you, so eat frequently! Your body will thank you later.
  • Bring the right types of food.  That means snack food, not your lunch!  Leave that veggie pizza for break. Granola bars are good, as are small fruits like grapes.
  • Don’t bring anything sticky or stinky to class.  No one wants to smell you and what you’re eating, so don’t bring in those onion pork buns, no matter how yummy they are! And you also probably don’t want fingerprints all over your shiny new laptop, so think about not eating juicy (but sticky!) fruits while you’re taking notes.
  • Don’t bring open drink containers into the lecture hall.  Those pop cans and juice boxes are just spills waiting to happen.  Starbucks and Timmy’s is okay, though, as are water bottles and mugs with lids.  Mmm, steaming hot tea is good in the morning.
  • Unwrap wrappers before class starts, so you don’t disrupt other people’s focus’.  Minimize as much trash as you possibly can, because garbage piles just aren’t that attractive.
  • Stomach growling and there’s no food? In a pinch, clap your arm over the offending organ. It will muffle the sounds.  Making a constipated face at the same time might help, but I can’t guarantee it.

I wonder if this is what goes on inside my torso during my sports sociology class…

*Once, my stomach growled so loud that my friend sitting next to me heard.  She started laughing, and it was embarrassing. But it’s okay because it happened again today in reverse so hah.