How to find places at UBC

So I’m going to a training session at UBC today (more on the session later), and it’s at UBC’s football field.

I’m going to massively (and possibly wrongly) generalize here, but I’d say the average student hasn’t gone out to Thunderbird Stadium (the football field). Part of the reason is that it’s far—too far for me to even know where it is.

Thus, I turned to the internet for help!

UBC has an online service called Wayfinding that makes finding things on campus simpler. There’s a search bar to enter the address/building name, or there are QuickLinks on the right-hand side that contain the more popular places on UBC (and by popular, I mean elusive).

Alternatively, you can just type “wayfinding” and “[the building/location]” into Google to bring up a map of UBC with an arrow pointing to your destination. Easy.

Off to the training session now!

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