Second First Day of School!

Hello, hello 😉

My morning started off rather blearily (if you can imagine that). My alarm was set 5 hours earlier than it had been for the past week. By the time I left the house, the sun still hadn’t risen. Plus, I had to scrape ice off my car before leaving, which is actually pretty scary business when you’re sitting inside and your mother is outside creating horrible scraping noises on the front windshield.

I was actually pretty excited to be back at school. Seeing everyone in my class again (I couldn’t stop smiling) and meeting the profs brought back the feeling of reallyactuallytruly wanting to learn new things. And that’s an awesome feeling.

Although I can’t say I’m eager to find out what my body fat composition is this term. Not after all that turkey.

At the same time, I really wish school hadn’t started again so soon. None of my family member have school yet, nor do my friends at other universities. I feel like I’m losing out on valuable catch-up time with them. 🙁

Other highlights of my day include finding old high friends in unexpected classes, dodging the horrendous line-up at the Bookstore, and, for the first time ever, deciding to withdraw from a class (ENG 110). Oh, and I accidentally set off the panic alarm whilst trying to ignite the engine in my car. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone in the parking lot on my way out because of that.

All in all, it was a fairly decent day 😀 If only it was a little warmer…

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