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A Guide for When You’re Feeling Alone

So it’s a Friday night and you’re all alone in your room.  You don’t feel much like partying (or maybe you have no plans), but you don’t feel much like studying, either. It’s one of those nights.

And then you decide to go on Facebook. You scroll through your news feed, and you see the ongoings of all your new university friends.  They’re cool people—and they’ve got the pictures to show it.  You go ahead and stalk through their photos (although you’d never ever admit it aloud), despite the fact that you’ve barely spoken since you met on the first day of school.

And then the sadness and loneliness hits you. You’re alone on a Friday night, with no company but the internet and a friend who replies sporadically.  You thought college was all fun and games and a neverending stream of friends knocking at your door.  Not a dim computer screen and feelings of saudade.

But you know what? It’s okay to be alone sometimes. You don’t have to be out and about all the time—sometimes you just need to take it easy.

Turn off Facebook. Right now. It only serves to make you unhappy as you compare your life to the lives of others.

Now take a deep breath.  In; out. That’s it.

Maybe it’s time to reconnect with your old friends.  And instead of turning to Skype, your classic one-on-one face conversation, try a phone call.  It’s old fashioned, but it forces you to make real conversation.  Even companionable silence can bring about a positive mindset. You’re not alone.  You’ve got friends, and people who love you.

You could choose to be productive, without the brain effort.  Clean your room, organize your desk, fold your laundry. Let it all out by writing a poem or a blog post.  Anything vaguely mindless will do.

Or you can indulge yourself in the best ways.  Stream a classic Disney flick, make a steaming cup of hot chocolate, look at cute cat pictures, wrap yourself up in your big cuddly comforter.  Feel warm and cozy, not cold and empty.

Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.  Let those sad feelings pass.