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Photo Story 3

A new photo story This program is a free download from Microsoft. This is my first attempt to choose some photos from my vacation in Mexico and put music to it. It tells a story of the sites that I saw. … Continue reading

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Commentary 3- Culture and Reflexive Qualities of the Internet To what extent do we write the culture in which we live? In the past we were reliant upon the print culture to define our sense of self, our affiliation with … Continue reading

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Rippin’ it up

Hi All, I pulled pieces together pieces from this course – blog, wiki, our rip.mix.feed projects and a few other elements – then put them together on a prezi.  The images were mostly culled using Jing.  Enjoy. Best, Joe

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Hypertext and the Library

Hi everyone, I’ve created an interactive fiction for my major project. Here’s the link! Please enjoy. Any feedback is welcomed! Web-space is a boundless writing space that holds limitless amount of information. Our ability to copy, paste, and tag … Continue reading

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Commentary 3

“The reports of my death may be greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain Comments on the shifting nature of literacy By Laura Bonnor The nature of writing, reading and text are certainly changing as a result of recent technological developments. However, Bolter … Continue reading

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Course Project: Media Literacy

This media presentation is about media literacy. Media literacy is often considered as a necessary skill in the 21st century, in which people live with more media and technology than any previous generations. Various forms of media have emerged since … Continue reading

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Commentary #3 – Bolter, J. The Electronic Book – Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, The Electronic Book, Jay Bolter (2001) explores the notion of the “The Changing Idea of the Book”.  He rightly states that by changing the technological form of the book, the reader, writer, as well as related organizational … Continue reading

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Remediation of Writing Space

Hi everyone, Here is my final project. It is a Prezi. You can choose to press play at the bottom of the screen to follow the reading path that I set out or you can click on any section to … Continue reading

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Making Connections: Final thoughts

Hi all, In this final reflection on the course material, I return to the beginning of the course.  I started thinking about Postman’s (1992) discussion on technology. He mentioned how “once a technology is admitted, it plays out its hand; … Continue reading

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