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March is Coupon Month

Coupons for the SUB at UBC

I think my much-stereotyped Asian frugality is showing.

I have a bunch of coupons I cut out from the AMS Insiders handbook (back when they were handing them out in September), due to expire in the beginning of April. Of course, I’ve forgotten to use them over the past 6 months, so now I’ll be eating at the SUB more often just to cash them in. They’ll only save me a dollar, but whatever.

On the other hand, can you believe that we’re nearly done first year? It seemed to go by super fast—especially this term. Now I’m busy trying to look for summer jobs to apply for whilst also studying for my last wave of midterms and finals. I’m not doing summer school, so I gotta find something to fill up my time until next semester. Four months, oh my god.

Sushi-bearing unicorns for anyone who has suggestions for the job-hunt! 😀

How Carousel-Style Interviews Work

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I was attending an interview to be a coordinator for the SLC. I’m not really sure how well I did relative to the other interviewees, but I can offer some insight on what one can do to make a better impression. Mind you, this is all based on my own experience so take everything with a grain of salt and a cherry on top what.

At the beginning of the interview session, the mass of interviewees was split into three groups. My group  was the largest, consisting of eight girls.

How to dress

I emailed the exiting Human Resources Director, who was our contact during the process, and she said the general expectation was ‘business casual’. I don’t think there are any set rules about what that means.

In this scenario, I think it was okay to go a little bit trendier, especially if you were applying to a more creative position. There was a lot of variety in attire, ranging from plaid ‘n’ jeans to a more conservative blazer and skirt combo, with lots of artsy, stylish get-ups in between. While my outfit was a little boring, I’m glad I wore dressier pants because I think I would’ve felt a little uncomfortable in jeans.

The Individual Interview

A staff advisor—a staff member that works with and supports the SLC committee members, interviewed me. She was nice, but I couldn’t help feeling intimidated. I’m not particularly experience with interviews :S

Make sure you know your stuff before going in to your interview. You’ll leave a bad impression if you can’t describe what role you hope to fill in the organization. My interviewer asked me to elaborate on what I would do if I was an x coordinator, and I totally fumbled it and drew a blank. I felt really bad because I was just looking over the information on the website before the interview—but I didn’t have it committed to memory.

The Group Discussion

Basically, the interviewer threw out a possible scenario and we had to discuss possible solutions. The un-fun part was that people kept trying to edge each other out during the discussion, because everyone wanted to be heard and stand out. There wasn’t really any butting heads, so to speak, but there was definitely an air of competition. I was mostly struggling to come up with new ideas to add, because I didn’t want to repeat what other people were saying. So I focused on listening instead of trying to dominate the discussion.

The Problem-Solving Game

I’m not really sure if I should be talking about the specifics of the game, so I won’t. It’s kind of difficult to explain, anyways.

What I will comment on is that I’m glad that my group got this station last, as it was the least stressful situation, and we all had fun. The main thing the interviewer was looking for here was logic and cooperation skills. Tip for this section: if you have an idea, don’t be afraid to speak up!

Although I’m a bit doubtful that I’ll get offered a position, going through this interview process was definitely a good experience. One thing I regret is not asking more questions about the interviewers themselves and about their roles regarding the SLC. It would’ve helped me understand the organization more, even if I don’t get the job.

I hope you found this helpful! 🙂

I have my SLC interview tomorrow…

…and I’m super duper absolutely kind of nervous.

It’s a carousel type interview, which I’ve never heard of before but apparently they use it in a lot of university interviews (like for MUG leaders), so I suppose it must be a pretty fair process. The applicants go around to stations that include group activities and an individual interview. It’s mostly the individual interview that I’m anxious about, because I’m scared I’ll get all tongue-tied and stutter-y. 

Also, what to wear!? It seems like a more casual thing, so hopefully they won’t hold it against me if I wear nice-but-still-everyday-type clothing. Herpaderp.

For once, a relaxed weekend

Here’s how I spent it:

  • Watching curling. The Tim Horton’s Brier (which is basically the big national tournament for men’s curling) are on, and I sat in front of the television and watched two of the biggest games. I’ve also been keeping tabs on the Canadian Junior women’s team (they’re from BC!) at Sochi. I’m hoping to actually watch a game, but it’s unlikely because of the different timezones. 🙁
  • Watching hockey. On Saturday night I went over to a friend’s house for dinner and to watch the Canucks. I admit that whenever I had control of the remote I changed it back to curling. More importantly, I got out of the house and socialized and learned about the rules of trading players between teams.
  • Eating. Um, I should start working out or something. I don’t really have the excuse of storing fat for the winter anymore, do I?

All in all, seems like a typical Canadian weekend. Happy Monday!

KIN Harlem Shake! …and a little bit extra.

I know I wasn’t there but still, my faculty is amazazazazing. But to be honest I don’t understand the whole Harlem Shake although I guess it’s like the planking craze but dancing. Bahaha.

PS. To see the Kin-coaster in its full glory, watch the kinesiology section on Imagine Day. Glorious, I tell you.