Google Wave

Got my invite from Google this morning to try Wave.

I shall report next week on how it’s going. ¬†Working with three colleagues in the US on a project to catalog innovative practices of higher education e-learning consortia.


November 23, 2009   10 Comments

Society for Applied Learning Technology

In my research for my final project, I spoke to someone in the industry that said I should share this information with my class:

Society for Applied Learning Technology

Specfically, that there is a New Learning Technologies Conference
in Orlando, Florida
March 3-5, 2010

Among the people they suggest should attend are:
School And University Professionals Involved In Technology-Based Instruction Delivery Systems For Education

The topics included in the conference schedule are:
Gaming & Simulation
Virtual Worlds
Mobile Learning
Knowledge Management
Social Networks & Web 2.0
Mobile Learning
New Business Technologies

I think that these topics relate to our module themes and team presentations and also to the topics covered in the other MET courses that our classmates might be enrolled in.
The person I spoke to is involved in Gaming and Simulation and Virtual Training, and mentioned the Department of Defence training videos that we were introduced to in the Module 9 presentation on Serious Games.

Hope that this link is interesting / useful for some of you.

November 23, 2009   6 Comments