Integrating technology into Teaching by Barbara Mair

Medida y Compas is developing blended courses (part on line and part in person) for teachers to integrate technology into their teaching in Mexico. There is a big push to get Internet coverage throughout Mexico and it is very important to improve the quality of teaching in order not to lose any more generations.MyC pitch_0001. Teachers are willing to learn computer skills and new software. If you are interested in more information go to:

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Sean’s Pitch

For those who may have my venture to analyise, below is my pitch”

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Lapiz Creative Pitch

Apologies for not posting this sooner. I had a couple personal and technical issues arise. My 30 second elevator pitch and venture pitch on my fictional company, Lapiz Creative, can be found at the following link:

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Let the Forum Begin!

By now you should have all received, via email, your review assignments for the Venture Forum.    Please let me know immediately if you have not, or if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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A Pitch

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LM Academy- Quality Experiential Online Learning

ok… so after a long hard fought battle with technology I think I have things ready for you all here! 

I have added my version of the elevator pitch below.  I thought this version might be a little more exciting than listening to me talk like in my full pitch.  I created my full pitch using Zentation and after spending alot of time trying to figure out why I was having problems uploading my video I just purchased the business version (and they still couldn’t support my full video as you will notice it has been split into 2 parts, You tube couldn’t host the whole video either) so I am still trying to get it uploaded to the public version of zentation because I would like to remove it from their private area before the end of the trial period so I am not charged the $160 (yep thats right, for each part to boot). 

You will also find a link to  a google site where I will have the you tube versions of video and slideshare versions of power point available to look at in case I need to shut down zentation.  Hopefully everything works out as I created the presentation specifically for zenatation. 

I suggest trying to increase the video screen size when viewing the zentation site as the resolution is less than impressive (check out the you tube postings if you prefer a clearer view).

My fictional creation is LM Academy, a private institution that offers online secondary courses in an experiential leaning taking place in summers at relevant learning locations.  The LCMS I chose to use is Odijoo.  I hope you all find it interesting enough to get through the 12 minutes!

YouTube Preview Image

Part 1 of the full pitch:

Part 2 of the full pitch:

If you find it necessary (the presentation was meant to be viewed with the zentation links provided above) you can find links to the videos and slideshare presentation at the google site here:


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M-Learning Ventures in Ghana

Please find my elevator pitch M-Learning Ventures in Ghana. This pitch is intended for development funders such as CIDA, Unicef and Nokia. For some reason when I did my elevator pitch iMovie cut off the top- glad it didn’t do this when I made my pitch!

The full version is available at
* This could be slow to load – please be patient. If it doesn’t load the first time- try again.

This pitch is intended specifically for CIDA- Canadian International Development Association, UNICEF, and Nokia. CIDA will fund projects such as this if it’s focus is on any of the millenium goals- which this one is- up to $500,000. The millenium goals are UNICEF’s thing- They are funding projects that focus on achieving the goals. Finally- Africa is the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world and Nokia is the biggest player there. They have funded many development projects in both health and educational fields. It is in their best interest to be good corporate citizens and of course to develop customer loyalty. There will be no direct return to them funding development projects- but in the long run they should benefit in big ways. As you view this pitch, please think of yourself as EVA’er from one of these organizations.

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