Venture Pitch submission

This is my submission for our Assignment 3 Venture Forum.

My (fictitious) company is Nucleus e-Learning Solutions, an e-Learning provider specializing in simulation training for Workplace Hazardous Materials training as well as Custom Safety Course Development. Our future offerings will expand into the K-12 Science Education Market.

Please view my elevator pitch here.
I toiled to make it meet the 30 second limit, so once you see what I have to offer in this pitch, I invite you to visit my website to view the entire 11 minute presentation, if you have been given my name for Venture Forum Review.

November 29, 2009   18 Comments

DL International

Currently there are over 10,000 students attending British Columbia’a Certified Offshore Schools. The offshore school market is continuously growing with new schools being accredited every year. DL International is a proposal to partner a BC Distributed Learning (DL) school with one or more of the seventeen BC offshore schools.

As the DL school will have the qualified staff and the infrastructure already in place, they could offer various services, including a variety of online courses, with minimal start-up cost. Conservative calculations of the return of investment are high.

Being the first DL school to form such partnerships ensures a piece of a growing market. The offshore schools’ benefit as these DL offerings would aid in increasing student enrollment. The DL school and School District would benefit from the increase in funding generated, ensuring the development of more online courses and the potential to hire more certified teachers.

Please email me at for the full pitch.  Thank-you!

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New Media BC announces top Venture Pitches

In light of our Venture Forum week, I thought I would post this interesting story for you all:

New Media BC is pleased to announce the top 20 companies selected from 37 digital media companies that attended the Fusion ’09 Entrepreneur Boot Camp held at the BC 2010 Showcase Centre.

New Media BC Fusion Forum Top 20 companies

Notably, A Vancouver company, has made the top 20 list for educational gaming sites.

See this story in the North Shore News:

Game showing them the way:
EcoBuddies encouraging kids to take action

“EcoBuddies has also been recognized by their peers, having been awarded best in show at New Media B.C.’s Fusion Venture Forum for Digital Media, held two weeks ago in Vancouver. They were among the entrepreneurs who pitched their companies to investors.
“It’s a really great networking tool, for both investors and for entrepreneurs,” says Ferma.
The title came with $1,000 and a three-month placement at the Plug and Play Tech Centre accelerator in Sunnyvale, Calif.”

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Light Track – Elevator Pitch

Below you will find my relatively short elevator pitch for Light Track, a system that enables interactive whiteboard interaction using inexpensive technologies.

This system is designed to give educators and presenters control over their content and supports their endeavours into digital education with a community portal, discussion groups, webinars, content/lesson sharing and an online learning community.

YouTube Preview Image

Interested?  Visit for more information.

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Greg’s 30ish sec pitch…


Here is my pitch for my company which will market a serious simulation (not a “game”:).  Hope it makes you want to learn more…and buy the product of course!

Serious Simulations pitch (elevator version)

As per David’s advice, if you are wanting to see the “full pitch”, please visit my very much in progress blog at:



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Sean’s Elevator Pitch for My Words

This was fun (sort of). I enjoyed the writing, mixing, and editing part; but once I started publishing, good old Windows Movie Maker kept hanging on me. I eventually figured it out. Unfortunately, it’s not as smooth as I orginally had planned. Comments most welcome!

Here’s my elevator pitch:

YouTube Preview Image

November 29, 2009   5 Comments

AI Venture Adventure Pitch

My main pitch will be a private viewing for the students rather than being posted online for general public viewing on youtube as this is a real venture. The real marketing pitch will be video and selectively distributed, so I have done up a ppt that will be emailed to the instructor for distribution instead. There are fewer business “hard numbers” than in a real pitch but the principal will reserve that detail for a business plan.

The pitch is for a new AI system that is more powerful than others in the marketplace. This will be very useful for learning, in industrial processes, and many other fields. My pitch explores its use in teaching surgery. Ansi (A new synthetic intelligence) is a product already tested in pilot and applied in major installations in the field in aeronautics and industry.

Best wishes to all and I look forward to reviewing these other pitches! The pitch can be accessed if you email me at –I originally thought the instuctor distributed the the pitch with the list for private viewings. My apologies.

November 29, 2009   20 Comments

Ernie’s Elevator Pitch for Moodle to School Districts

Hi everyone,

After hours and hours of  organizing students, filming, editing, and tech work, here’s my final product!  Enjoy!

A Pitch for Moodle:

For further information, please see my proposal at

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