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Layers of Nourishment

I took this photo on the shore of Soap Lake, in the state of Washington. It is a mineral-rich lake which locals claim has healing properties. Good text has texture. With editing, it is polished, shiny as the rocks and … Continue reading

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Technology and Society

Being a Biologist, it is natural for me to wonder about the evolution of society and humans. Technology in all it’s forms has transformed the modern world. Information is being sent globally at extremely fast rates. More people communicate with … Continue reading

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Text – changing communication

Others have already posted definitions and examples of various kinds of text, so I’ll come at it from a different perspective. I see text as a construct that has shifted and changed human communication in many ways. After beginning to … Continue reading

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Power of Text

The Oxford English Dictionary defines text as “the wording of anything written or printed; the structure formed by words in their order; the very words, phrases and sentences written”. Based on this, I thought what better way to express my … Continue reading

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Text as communication

We use the word “text” in many forms from referring to a book for a course with copious amounts of information to referring to “text” as a message sent between individuals. I found these two SMS poems on a site … Continue reading

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Multiple Meanings of Text

Originally I created a Wordle for this assignment (which I have still posted). However, when I came to the Weblog I notice that another classmate had already done something similar.  Instead I have created a Webspiration mind map. All of … Continue reading

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Understanding the Questions

We can understand a text only when we have understood the question to which it is an answer. But since this question can be derived solely from the text and accordingly the appropriateness of the reply is the methodological presupposition … Continue reading

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Text as meaning

I brainstormed words that relate to text and put them into this Wordle. The words that resonated most closely to what text means to me are the biggest. It’s interesting that the size and shape of the text itself, as … Continue reading

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I selected the image of a kaleidoscope as it represents a complex pattern of progressive colors and shapes, which to me mirrors the evolution of text technologies.  The kaleidoscope is a tool made up of colored pieces of glass and … Continue reading

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Dynamism of text and technology

This image caught my attention because it immediately reminded me of how text has woven itself into the very fabric of our personal and communal lives via mobile technologies. In a matter of seconds anyone anywhere could get information in … Continue reading

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