Short films by UBC students: Punjabi Cinema

ASIA 365, “Punjabi Cinema,” explores the history and ongoing, unfolding phenomenon of Punjabi film. Students in the class watch classics of Punjabi film — for example, classics like Nanak Naam Jahaaz Hai (1969),  Chann Pardesi (1980), Put Jattan de (1981), and Long da Lishkara (1986), and newer classics, like Khamosh Pani (2003), Munde UK De (2009), and Chauthi Koot (2015). Students write short papers analyzing the films, and have the option of pursuing creative short film projects at the end of term, reflecting their study of Punjabi film history and techniques.

From W2019, when ASIA 365 was last taught: 

Rang de Banae Tarae: 

1984, A Family History: 

Life and Experience:  

Adhuray Sapne: 

Veiled Identities:

This film was produced by Lovneet Aujla for the class in W2016:

Internal Struggle

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