Jarnail Singh Sekha

Jarnail Singh Sekha was born in Moga district in the Indian Punjab, in the clan of Sekha, to parents who were farmers. His primary education was at his village school, and he later went on to high school at Khalsa School. He then trained to be a teacher. He started working as a primary school teacher and did this for eleven years, after which he started teaching high school. Later he started to specialize in teaching language, as he felt it was important to teach children Punjabi. In his interview, Sekha mentions that the new generation – even coming from Punjab – is not learning Punjabi as well as before, and as a result he worries that the roots of Punjabi may die out, if no action is taken.

Mr. Sekha was very passionate about writing from a young age, and started to write poems even at school. Sardar Jaswant Singh Kamal, a very famous novelist in Punjabi, encouraged him to write stories. After moving to Canada and struggling to find a job, Sekha decided to write a story about this struggle, and later on the struggles within the jobs he found. Sekha has written many books on various topics such as illegal immigration, family feuds, gang wars, and drugs. He found himself writing on real-life topics that related to the world he would see around himself. Sekha wants to promote Punjabi literature and works hard with organizations to make this happen. He promotes Punjabi in both Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi, by getting his books transliterated into Shahmukhi and helping to transliterate other authors’ books into Gurmukhi.

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