Punjabi in BC: Advocates and activists


Join us to explore the history of the Punjabi language in British Columbia!

The UBC Punjabi Studies Oral History project has documented aspects of the history of the Punjabi language in BC, and the lives and activities of the people who made it happen, focusing on K-12 teachers, advocates/activists, and on writers and journalists who have written in the language and built institutions to support Punjabi language and literature. The project is linked to Dr. Anne Murphy’s ongoing research on modern Punjabi language and literature and involved undergraduate students as interviewers and filmmakers. It was made possible by the Punjabi Studies Oral History Research and Program Development Project, 2019-2021, funded by UBC’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, through their Program for Undergraduate Research Experience and the support of the UBC Work Learn program, and an anonymous donor in the Department of History.

Here, learn about people who have worked tirelessly for Punjabi in BC.

Sukhi Bath

Sadhu Binning (who is also an accomplished author)

Rajwant Singh Chilana (who is also an accomplished scholar and author)

Sucha Singh Claire (who is also an accomplished journalist)

Balwant Sanghera

Jarnail Singh Artist

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