Student Projects: Oral History and Film

The UBC Punjabi Heritage Oral History project is designed to engage students of Punjabi and Punjabi Canadian history at UBC in the collection of oral histories within the Punjabi Canadian community of greater Vancouver, building upon the productive relationships and connections that have already been built with the Punjabi-language community, in a manner that has pedagogical merit for students, intellectual merit, and broad import for Canadian history. The project is based in the Department of History.

For a more extensive introduction to our oral history program and to learn more about its foundation, click here.

For ongoing results of the program, year by year, click hereThe “Punjabi in BC” project has extended the class-based Oral History program into an undergraduate student-led research project. Please explore our ongoing results here

Students also can study Punjabi creative film in ASIA 365, “Punjabi Cinema.” Some students in that class produce their own creative short films. See student work here.