Trial year: 2010-2011

In 2010-2011, with the support of a grant from the UBC Community-Based Learning initiative (now a part of the Centre for Community Engaged Learning,, the Punjabi Oral History Program commenced. Based in the Punjabi 300 (third year) Punjabi course, the program enabled students to interview local writers–while reading locally-produced literature–and produce short video projects that explored issues that emerged in interviews. Overall, the class explored the experience and expression of Diaspora, through the medium of Punjabi-language literature.


An exciting feature of the initial year of our program was our participation in the ground-breaking exhibition on Bhangra,, which took place at the Museum of Vancouver in 2011. Our students collected stories about the ongoing history of Bhangra in greater Vancouver, and contributed these to the exhibition. See more about the award-winning exhibition at

A sample of student work from 2010-2011 (more will be added; material is now here only in partial form):
STUDENT VIDEO PROJECT: The Future of Punjabi Literature

INTERVIEW: Gill Moranwali
INTERVIEW: Gurcharan Rampuri
INTERVIEW: Jarnail Singh Sekha
STUDENT VIDEO PROJECT: The Progression of Women

INTERVIEW: Jarnail Singh Chitarkar
STUDENT VIDEO PROJECT: The Artwork of Jarnail Singh

STUDENT VIDEO PROJECT: The Importance of Promoting Punjabi in Canada

STUDENT VIDEO PROJECT: Punjabi Culture and Indo-Canadian Youth