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‘SLY’ Elevator Pitch

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Hi Everyone,

This business focuses on second life and moodle.



November 29, 2009   16 Comments

Barrie’s Venture Pitch

Hello Everyone:

To view my venture presentation in PowerPoint format, please click on the link:

If there are any uploading issues, please let me know.  Thank-you!



November 29, 2009   14 Comments

CUSP – Elevator Pitch

This pitch is geared towards healthcare administrators and healthcare staff, specifially those in Ontario but looking towards a nation-wide approach.  It is for the services of a group called CUSP, the Computer User Support Program.  Hopefully it will give a taste of our services and entice you to learn more.

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For a copy of my full pitch, please click here to download:


Cindy Plunkett

November 29, 2009   16 Comments

Implementing Digital Technologies in my School District

The term “digital divide” has been used to describe many situations that have occurred in response to the increasing use of digital technologies in education. My pitch has taken the form of a review of the District Technology Plan for the district I work in. Many people involved in this course have expressed points of view that support the way their experience in the MET program has contributed to their views on education. How do we as educators facilitate change in our classrooms, schools and district to reflect what we feel to be important developments in education based on the affordances provided through digital technologies? If you are interested in facilitating change in your environment to enable learners to utilize these new tools for learning then by reviewing existing plans and providing input regarding technology implementation your knowledge and experience can make an impact.

Please view my report here

November 29, 2009   9 Comments

Project Lakshmi

Here is my elevator pitch for my (fictitious) business venture:

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The complete presentation can be viewed:

November 29, 2009   14 Comments

Vernier & Virtual Laboratories

Executive Summary

Science teachers across the globe are struggling to find ways to effectively integrate technology into their classes.  Rather then reinvent the wheel, Vernier has found a way to replace relatively old analog laboratory equipment with computerized data aquisition equipment.  Despite the introduction of this amazing equipment, there are still some drawbacks to it:

  • It can be prohibitively expensive
  • It is difficult for students to complete experiments or investigations individually
  • The technology can be complicated and difficult for both teachers and students to use

This proposal outlines a remarkable (fictitious) device that will address all these problems.

To view this presentation visit the wiki at:


November 29, 2009   15 Comments

Cathy’s Elevator Pitch

Online Towing Simulation Tool

For over 100 years, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has been helping the motoring public. Emergency Road Service or towing has become the corner stone of our organization. Our Online Towing Simulation Tool is unique and addresses the daily scenarios tow truck drivers’ face.

Simulations have been used successfully in a number of fields such as aviation and medicine. Which begs the question, why not for the towing industry which presents equal risks?

Tow truck drivers are exposed to hazards often working in dangerous conditions – on the highway, in ditches and with heavy equipment. Adverse weather conditions further complicate this as rain, snow and fog increase the danger of each tow call. Through the Simulation Tool, such conditions can be explored in a risk free environment eliminating physical injury or property damage. By providing an immersive experience tow truck drivers can practice, hone skills, gain confidence and continuously learn.

My full venture pitch is found on You Tube, see below.

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November 29, 2009   26 Comments

Venture Pitch submission

This is my submission for our Assignment 3 Venture Forum.

My (fictitious) company is Nucleus e-Learning Solutions, an e-Learning provider specializing in simulation training for Workplace Hazardous Materials training as well as Custom Safety Course Development. Our future offerings will expand into the K-12 Science Education Market.

Please view my elevator pitch here.
I toiled to make it meet the 30 second limit, so once you see what I have to offer in this pitch, I invite you to visit my website to view the entire 11 minute presentation, if you have been given my name for Venture Forum Review.

November 29, 2009   18 Comments

DL International

Currently there are over 10,000 students attending British Columbia’a Certified Offshore Schools. The offshore school market is continuously growing with new schools being accredited every year. DL International is a proposal to partner a BC Distributed Learning (DL) school with one or more of the seventeen BC offshore schools.

As the DL school will have the qualified staff and the infrastructure already in place, they could offer various services, including a variety of online courses, with minimal start-up cost. Conservative calculations of the return of investment are high.

Being the first DL school to form such partnerships ensures a piece of a growing market. The offshore schools’ benefit as these DL offerings would aid in increasing student enrollment. The DL school and School District would benefit from the increase in funding generated, ensuring the development of more online courses and the potential to hire more certified teachers.

Please email me at for the full pitch.  Thank-you!

November 29, 2009   16 Comments

New Media BC announces top Venture Pitches

In light of our Venture Forum week, I thought I would post this interesting story for you all:

New Media BC is pleased to announce the top 20 companies selected from 37 digital media companies that attended the Fusion ’09 Entrepreneur Boot Camp held at the BC 2010 Showcase Centre.

New Media BC Fusion Forum Top 20 companies

Notably, A Vancouver company, has made the top 20 list for educational gaming sites.

See this story in the North Shore News:

Game showing them the way:
EcoBuddies encouraging kids to take action

“EcoBuddies has also been recognized by their peers, having been awarded best in show at New Media B.C.’s Fusion Venture Forum for Digital Media, held two weeks ago in Vancouver. They were among the entrepreneurs who pitched their companies to investors.
“It’s a really great networking tool, for both investors and for entrepreneurs,” says Ferma.
The title came with $1,000 and a three-month placement at the Plug and Play Tech Centre accelerator in Sunnyvale, Calif.”

November 29, 2009   2 Comments