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Currently studying in the MET program.

Making Connections

As an instructor of adult ESL students, I found the study of orality and literacy very valuable and informative for understanding my learners’ strengths and challenges. Currently, I’m teaching students whose orality is much higher than their literacy, both in … Continue reading

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Technological Determinism in The Judgement of Thamus

In this commentary, I will examine Neil Postman’s “The Judgement of Thamus” with reference to aspects of technological determinism as outlined in Daniel Chandler’s “Technological or Media Determinism”. Although I’m not a staunch technology optimist, especially during a week when … Continue reading

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Introduction: Grant Sorensen

I chose this image because I found it an interesting reflection of the many aspects and skills involved in literacy and indicative of what being fully literate means in today’s technological world. Some of the terms, such as “documents”, “magazines”, … Continue reading

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