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Making Connections: ‘I write therefore I think. I think therefore I am. Who am I?’

Making Connections “the late age of print may also become the late age of prose itself” (Bolter, p 213) I have come to the conclusion, after all the readings and explorations we’ve done, that my initial response to Ong’s Orality … Continue reading

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Making Connections… A Final Reflection

ETEC 540 – Text Technology Reflections: Although I found this course presented me with some personal challenges, mostly in the form of the amount of reading, I also found the course to be relevant and interesting. Looking back and reflecting, … Continue reading

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Making Connections

When I first thought about making connections throughout the course, it seemed very daunting.  There was so much material in the course, and I feel that personally my thoughts and perceptions changed so much throughout the course, that it can … Continue reading

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Making Connections

The following is a link to the Prezi I made on making connections: Lindsay

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Making Connections – The Negotiation Continues

Prior to the course, I already felt strongly about the idea of different communication modes having importance in our society as outlined by the New London Group (1996) which recognized methods of representation as significant and interrelated. Their continued focus … Continue reading

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Making Connections: Reading the Cloud

Well, the first time I published this post it came out blank, and I always have a hard time producing a reproduction of a previously written and lost work, but I’ll try. What does the title of this post say … Continue reading

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Making Connections

As an instructor of adult ESL students, I found the study of orality and literacy very valuable and informative for understanding my learners’ strengths and challenges. Currently, I’m teaching students whose orality is much higher than their literacy, both in … Continue reading

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Rip Mix Feed

What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used? I originally was going to use Pixton to create a comic because I have used it before.  As I went to login under the educational license that I had originally signed … Continue reading

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In closing, a Visual to Connect

Although part of me has known this fact for a while, our journey from ‘Papyrus to Cyberspace’ has solidified for me the fact that I place great importance on visuals that accompany text. At first I thought that this preference … Continue reading

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Greetings all, I’m currently working on a poetry unit in my class so I decided to use an example that I created for a poetry unit. We are writing haiku and then finding images that match the poem. Here’s my … Continue reading

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