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Making Connections

Learning about text technologies and how they have changed has been both informative and engaging. We remember historical people, icons and events because their words and works were preserved for us by means of different text technologies. I enjoyed studying … Continue reading

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Classroom Writing in the Digital Age

Hi Everyone, The final project from the group Heather Moen, Janet LeBlanc and Keith Greenhalf is entitled “Classroom Writing in the Digital Age” is available to view at Due to unforeseen circumstances one of our group members is delayed … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Classroom Blackboard

  Keith Greenhalf University of British Columbia Master of Education Technology ETEC 540 – Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing Section 64B Instructor: Jeff Miller     Abstract The classroom chalkboard is something that everyone is familiar … Continue reading

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A Commentary on A History of Writing Chapter 1: Origin and Development of Writing

The first chapter of Albertine Guar’s A History of Writing (1992) is titled Origin and development of writing. In this chapter Guar addresses what writing is and who needs it. The development of writing is broken into three main sections; … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone!

Some people might first look at this image and think what does this have to do about text technologies? I chose this image because something I learned is that Totem poles were developed as a traditional way of telling the … Continue reading

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