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Making Connections – Finding Balance & Meaning In Text Driven Societies

Hi All, In order to make this a useful reflection and connection piece, I will try to pull out some key themes that resinated with me during this course and make an important connection between the ubiquitous nature of text … Continue reading

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Kerpoof and Rip.Mix.Feed

I created a story using kerpoof.com. I was motivated to explore this application because of my final group project on graphic novel creation. I am always looking for new and engaging tools for story creation in my elementary classroom. Kerpoof.com … Continue reading

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Final Project – Collaboration In Digital Enviroments

Hi All, For our final project, Christine, Eva and I decided to build a website in order to unpack the topic of Collaboration. Our Purpose: To unpack Collaboration from a corporate, mainstream, and educational perspective Provide a “space” for all … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed. – YouTube

Rip.Mix.Feed – YouTube – Collaboration – iMovie What motivated you to explore the application(s) you used? I used YouTube and iMovie.  Why?  YouTube is my “go to” source for when I need to hear and see someone discussing/explaining a topic. … Continue reading

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Teachnology: The Role of Teachers When Teaching with Technology

As technology changes, so do our lives. It is obvious technology changes the way we communicate, but it is also changing our culture in ways we might not realize. We are constantly making a bargain of some sort because for … Continue reading

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Collaboration Of Conscience

It is difficult to imagine a world without text. The written word is imbedded in every aspect of our lives as we rely on text to participate in natural and virtual environments. In Orality & Literacy (1982), Walter Ong provides … Continue reading

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Writing and the Nature of Learning

The shift from exclusively oral communication to the use of text-based methods significantly altered the nature of knowledge acquisition, particularly human memory capabilities, information processing and collaborative learning. While the ability to write enables individuals to preserve their stories and … Continue reading

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