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Making Connections

I am recording my connections in the format as 3 stars and a wish: 3 stars: 1. Group work/presentation tools: Working in groups and viewing the other presentations (and the Rip.Mix.Feed activity) I learned about a various tools that I … Continue reading

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fancy letters

After looking through the websites and experimenting with the different tools, I was drawn to the “Spell with Flickr” tool the most. It’s so easy to use and I found it fun when I saw the letters change instantly. I … Continue reading

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Memorize this?

“What is the purpose of memorizing information when I can easily retrieve that material using a textbook or search engine, such as Google?” I have come across many students asking this question and I am not entirely sure how to … Continue reading

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Introduction- Text and Technology

Taken by: Debs I chose this picture because like most people, I text a lot on my phone. I text more than I actually talk on my phone (I know some people rarely talk on their phone and only text, … Continue reading

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