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Greetings all, I’m currently working on a poetry unit in my class so I decided to use an example that I created for a poetry unit. We are writing haiku and then finding images that match the poem. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Media Representations of the Attacks on the World Trade Center

by Grant Sorensen and Andrew Lemon Introduction The media and methods for reporting important events have evolved over time. Initial communication was oral, but this method was limited to the context of the speaker and listeners and stories needed to … Continue reading

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Radio to Television By Andrew C Lemon and Grant Sorensen To give context and foundation to this paper we will start with an overview of the history of radio and television. We will briefly discuss whether television has replaced radio … Continue reading

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Postman as soothsayer After reading the first chapter of Technopoly many readers may view Neil Postman (1992) as a technophobe. He decries the use of computers in education, claims technology redefines words like “freedom” and “history” and that those who … Continue reading

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Hello classmates!

I chose this image because I still can’t bring myself to read from kindles, tablets, or any type of screen for very long. Although I do use the computer for virtually all of my news information, when it comes to … Continue reading

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