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Connecting: The Reasons to Return to School

About a month ago I decided to take on a side project at my school (like I wasn’t busy enough already!!!). I decided to use media to attempt to connect with new students at my school as well as members … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed. #2 – From the Sea

I really enjoy editing photos using simple tools, mainly Picasa (a Google application…note: Picnic was bought out by Google about 2 years ago and is one of the applications listed on our Web 2.0 Gems this week – when you … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed. – A Fishing Tale

I wanted to see what DUMPR could do as I had never heard of it prior to this week and thought I would pick a photo of myself. I chose this photo for a few reasons… 1. It’s a fake … Continue reading

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Development of typewriter keyboards for multiple languages

Ben Ferrel and I put together a video “mash-up” for our Research Project titled, “The Typewriter: Love, Blindness, Adaptability, Influence, and the Cree Syllabary.” The history of the typewriter and the subsequent dominance of its use in recording and dissemination … Continue reading

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Of Thamus and Theuth – Reflecting on the Self

I believe that writing has facilitated the “reflective self” and that this is both beneficial and detrimental for humanity. Writing allows humans the ability to capture ideas in a time capsule. In other words, literacy allows us to turn back … Continue reading

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Today I found myself thinking, “What represents the influence of text?” This picture of an enigma typewriter I think captures the idea that text can equal power. In my mind, the enigma evokes dark imagery, such as WWII and use … Continue reading

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