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Blog Post #1 – Stanford Forum

I found the Cambridge forum radio program quite interesting. I listened to it in the evening and found myself thinking about it persistently throughout the next day.  I even surreptitiously brought up the juicier tidbits, like Edison’s use of the word … Continue reading

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Hello from the Maritimes

Hello from the Maritimes! My name is Riea Elder and I’m currently taking my 8th and 9th course. I’m at the home stretch and feeling pretty good about it. When I’m not sitting in front of the computer reading MET … Continue reading

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Intro: The Value of Literacy

My name is Jaclyn Silver and this is my fifth MET course. I teach senior science and math at a rural high school in northern B.C. We actually got our first skiff of snow Sunday night…yuck. My image is of … Continue reading

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Shaimaa Otify Intro

I am Shaimaa. I am originally from Egypt but have been living in Munich Germany for the past 6 years. My interest as well as my experience is in nonformal education. Initially I worked in community development as I facilitated … Continue reading

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Intro: Josephine Chen

I picked this picture from Flickr because the picture is telling a story/ message with a great sense of humour. Has technology replaced books? Text, reading, writing, literacy and media have evolved in a fast paste with the advancement of technology. … Continue reading

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Introduction – Hello everyone from Kelowna, B.C.

“Kindergarten Scout” by Matt Eriksson Feb. 10, 2010 Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Relova and I am the Vice-Principal at Davidson Rd. Elementary School in Lake Country BC. This is my first full year in this position, as I … Continue reading

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Introduction: Jamie Out

The reason I chose this image was because I am reminded of the vital education needed in order to create respectful and peaceable digital citizens in our rapidly changing online world. Our words can impact others greatly. They can educate, … Continue reading

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Considering 540, Justine’s Thoughts on the Course

photo credit: Denny Atkinson Literacy_OED While reading some of the introductory materials I am thinking about the historical perspective of writing. The invention of writing changed the way we thought. Our course overview describes writing as the most radical of … Continue reading

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Rhena’s Bio

Photo Credit: Tess Watson, Sound Waves Hi ETEC 540! After reading through some of the introductory material for this course the notion that oral language is typically not deemed as valuable as printed text stood out for me. As a … Continue reading

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Intro: Cathy Fowler

My name is Cathy Fowler; this is my 7th course in the MET program. I am a teacher-librarian at an Elementary School in Nanaimo, BC.   One of my goals as a 21st Century librarian is to connect the reading and … Continue reading

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