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Hi ETEC 540!

After reading through some of the introductory material for this course the notion that oral language is typically not deemed as valuable as printed text stood out for me. As a primary teacher the oral vs. literacy debate is one that I often struggle with. At this point I think that the changing space of reading and writing should include more value placed  on spoken communication and newer digital literacies. Technology now allows us to save communication records in many forms besides text (video, images, podcasts etc) and I’m not sure that many curriculums really reflect this shift and engage students in the types of literacies they are familiar with and need to develop skills in.

I am currently taking my 7th and 8th MET course, time has definitely flown by. I’m beginning to see many connections between major themes explored in the courses, but in many ways I feel like I just started this journey. I am currently teaching first grade at Luanda International School. Here is the school’s video, it is not really what I imagined when I moved here four years ago anyway. Currently, my coworker and I are trying to change the space of reading and writing in the grade one programme by opening our class blog to students. First graders have yet to post, but we have visions of great things! 🙂 It’s exciting to move towards more relevant literacies in the classroom, but I’m beginning to realize it also means abandoning some classroom practices that have become ingrained in a common understanding of what it means to go to primary school. I think we are ready to take the plunge though, and I’m hoping this course will help me better articulate why some traditional classroom literacy practices are in need of renovation.

Thanks! Rhena

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  1. jamieout says:

    Hey Rhena,

    Nice to be working in another course with you. Can’t believe you are almost finished your MET adventure. Have a good course!

  2. Josephine says:

    Hi Rhena,

    I like the connection you made between literacy/ text with spoken communication. In this era, literacy no longer exist only in written text, but rather in so many other forms as you have mentioned. I love how technology facilitates learning and makes learning fun!


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