Intro: Josephine Chen

What to read?

I picked this picture from Flickr because the picture is telling a story/ message with a great sense of humour. Has technology replaced books? Text, reading, writing, literacy and media have evolved in a fast paste with the advancement of technology. Written text no longer appear only on printed publications. Technology has opened up a door for text to be shared on different platforms. Moreover, written text is widely used by teenagers on texting. A new language has been created!

Hi this is Josephine Chen. This is my 8th course in MET. I am a high school teacher in Richmond BC. I teach French and ESL (or ELL). I chose this course because text and technology sounds like an interesting topic. Hopefully by learning the evolution of text/ writing/ literacy, I’ll be able to make a better use of the technology in teaching.

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  1. jamieout says:

    This is a hilarious image Josephine, and your comments were very relevant as technology and text evolve. Looking forward to working with you this semester.

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