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Making Connections: ‘I write therefore I think. I think therefore I am. Who am I?’

Making Connections “the late age of print may also become the late age of prose itself” (Bolter, p 213) I have come to the conclusion, after all the readings and explorations we’ve done, that my initial response to Ong’s Orality … Continue reading

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Making Connections… A Final Reflection

ETEC 540 – Text Technology Reflections: Although I found this course presented me with some personal challenges, mostly in the form of the amount of reading, I also found the course to be relevant and interesting. Looking back and reflecting, … Continue reading

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In closing, a Visual to Connect

Although part of me has known this fact for a while, our journey from ‘Papyrus to Cyberspace’ has solidified for me the fact that I place great importance on visuals that accompany text. At first I thought that this preference … Continue reading

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Making connections: A Poetic Conclusion or Just the Beginning?

As the course draws to a close and we look back to reflect the room begins to spin and my head begins to ache. Not because of the workload, readings or computer screens, but instead the depth of thought provoked … Continue reading

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