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Making Connections

I once walked into a McDonald’s in a low income, working class neighbourhood and was stunned to see that the menu board was completely devoid of words—it was all photographs and numbers to order by. It made me wonder if … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Hi everyone, Ben Ferrel, Ashley Bayles, and I (Dan Tinaburri) have just published our project! It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure style narrative on the publishing industry from the perspective of a prospective artist. Be warned: there’s no way to … Continue reading

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A History of the Poster

Introduction Throughout history, many civilizations have posted public edicts in the form of inscriptions on stone columns and buildings. The ancient Greeks used wooden panels to mount official announcements, while the Romans employed a system of outdoor publicity in the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Willinsky’s In Democracy and Education

In Democracy and Education: The Missing Link May Be Ours, John Willinsky (2002) makes the case for free and open access to scholarly research in education. Under the current paradigm, publishers, whose revenue is in the billions of dollars (Stevenson, … Continue reading

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Introduction: Dan Tinaburri

“…if only writing would be used for the production of certain kinds of texts and not others…” (Postman, 1992, p. 6) When I discovered the image above, I was reminded of Neil Postman’s comment that Thamus was not concerned with … Continue reading

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