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Development of typewriter keyboards for multiple languages

Ben Ferrel and I put together a video “mash-up” for our Research Project titled, “The Typewriter: Love, Blindness, Adaptability, Influence, and the Cree Syllabary.” The history of the typewriter and the subsequent dominance of its use in recording and dissemination … Continue reading

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Dissecting Manga—Between the Images, Texts, Stories and Popular Culture

The visualized work for this research is on https://sites.google.com/site/etec540manga/home The rise of manga is not only a Japanese phenomenon, but an international happening. Manga is seen more as a sub-culture than a literal work. While texts are dominant in other … Continue reading

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Christian Influences on the Transition from Scroll to Codex

Bolter (2001) argues “the most important visual structure in the medieval codex was the marginal note”. I chose to present my research paper using Google Documents, in order to allow viewers the affordance of annotating the text. Feel at liberty … Continue reading

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Mark Antony in 2013: Power of Oration and Persuasive Rhetoric

Accepting that Western society is predominantly literate it is difficult for us to recognize the oral roots upon which our culture is founded. In fact it would be near impossible to consider how an artifact from a previous culture impacts … Continue reading

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Commentary on the Psychodynamics of Orality Chap. 3

In the introduction to Walter Ong’s text on “Orality and Literacy” (1982) he indicates to the reader that hindsight is twenty-twenty when deconstructing history. The author explores the idea that we, as a culture, had no understanding of how orality … Continue reading

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Of Thamus and Theuth – Reflecting on the Self

I believe that writing has facilitated the “reflective self” and that this is both beneficial and detrimental for humanity. Writing allows humans the ability to capture ideas in a time capsule. In other words, literacy allows us to turn back … Continue reading

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Text, technology, and representations/expressions…

As a photographer this was not a fun assignment because it required me to disengage my creative mind and settle for whatever I could find that was “good enough”. I had another image in mind, but copyright restrictions prevented me … Continue reading

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