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Making Connections

My reflections and thoughts from the course (including readings and other projects) are focused on the following: Newer View for the Technological Shift The course readings tell us the fact that human have repeatedly criticized and questioned newer technologies whenever … Continue reading

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Rip. Mix. Feed.

▪  What motivated you to explore the application you used? Before this experiment, I think I have never expressed my opinion with only fixed images. I chose Dumpr, because I wanted to examine how the process is different in doing … Continue reading

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Dissecting Manga—Between the Images, Texts, Stories and Popular Culture

The visualized work for this research is on The rise of manga is not only a Japanese phenomenon, but an international happening. Manga is seen more as a sub-culture than a literal work. While texts are dominant in other … Continue reading

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Literal Technology and Human Memory: Loss or Adoption?

Review of “Orality and Literacy” Chapter Four (Ong, 1982) Having been constantly immersed in a world of written letters and print, it is hard to imagine the condition of a completely oral culture. “Orality and Literacy” from Ong (1982) informs … Continue reading

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Hello from Japan

One of the powerful impacts that digital technology had on our communication would be global connection. We access and connect to digital world through a variety of languages and forms. This power is similar to that of gravity or power … Continue reading

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