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This course was relevant to the advancements currently occurring with technology and education and has provided me with so much knowledge, deepening my understanding of literacy and what it means to live in a digital world. The evolution of technology … Continue reading

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I decided to use Dumpr to rework a picture I recently took of the artwork one of my students created for Remembrance Day. In art this term we focused on multimedia. This project, although time-consuming, turned out beautifully. Students first … Continue reading

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Changing Thought Processes

In “Orality and Literacy: the Technologizing of the World,” Walter Ong (1982) explores the differences and similarities between two cultures. Although we “can only with great difficulty imagine what a primary oral culture is like”, since we are all, for … Continue reading

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Changes of Communication/Introduction

When I think of text and technology, communication comes to mind. Words are very important to me both as an educator and as a communicator. With words we can learn, share, inquire, question, laugh, cry, feel, etc. The telephone booth … Continue reading

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