Changes of Communication/Introduction


When I think of text and technology, communication comes to mind. Words are very important to me both as an educator and as a communicator. With words we can learn, share, inquire, question, laugh, cry, feel, etc. The telephone booth stands out to me as I reflect on text, specifically communication and it’s rapidly changing appearance, especially with social media and the internet.When telephones did not exist, communication still existed, and now with hardly any public telephones, communication continues although it looks very different. There is something special about writing and receiving a letter and/or card “old school” as in paper and pen in an envelope with a stamp, much like the beauty of the telephone booth. Having to wait for a response instead of having the instant feedback we crave and get now, has that element of excitement and wonder. There are many pros and cons to all types of communication and I think that this is important when learning about the changing spaces of reading and writing in the classroom. Technology is changing the way we teach. Is it always a change we want?

My name is Eva and I am a primary teacher in the West Vancouver School District. This is my 5th MET course and I look forward to learning about text technologies as my school is heavily involved in a new literacy program. I would love to be able to bring in technology in a pedagogically beneficial way. I love to read and learn and have always loved writing. As I child I kept a journal and if I only had the time would love to continue keeping a written record of my experiences, the people in my life, and things I like and don’t like (whatever format-book, blog, etc.) I believe in the importance of text and technology to ensure that each child is able to use it (however that may look) in their future.

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