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I am an English Language Arts, Drama, Film Studies and ESL teacher in Vancouver, BC. I have recently begun a new position at a new private secondary school called Alexander Academy in downtown Vancouver. I am building a curriculum for each of my classes and creating my department from scratch. It is incredibly challenging and rewarding. I live in downtown Vancouver with my husband, Jordan, a freelance illustrator. I am a pop culture addict with a passion for classic films, modern television and all kinds of music. I would much rather spend an evening on Netflix than on a campground, so I am not your typical Vancouverite. I am hoping to finish MET in August 2014.

Making Connections: To the Future

Though I enjoyed reading and extracting meaning from the various assigned readings in this class, I have found myself wishing for more oral and visual content. This is certainly not directed only at this class, but my overall experience in … Continue reading

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Writing and Typing in the Modern Classroom

Please follow the link to our Prezi: This assignment was created by: Chenoa Dirks, Kuljinder Gill, Sabrina Quigley and Jessica Dickens.

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Rip. Mix. Feed

I tried making a children’s story on Kerpoof: I was motivated to attempt this because my husband is currently illustrating a children’s story and I have never been a very good artist so I thought this site would allow me … Continue reading

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Ong: Orality as King?

Walter J. Ong’s book ‘Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word’ was written in 1982 and because of its age it reads often times as a historical artefact on the Orwellian fears of the time. Ong looks back onto … Continue reading

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Text Technologies

Hello everyone! I responded to this image specifically because film, game and media literacy are passions of mine. I also was challenged by the concept of financial literacy, something I had never previously considered. I also see the image as … Continue reading

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