Writing and Typing in the Modern Classroom

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This assignment was created by: Chenoa Dirks, Kuljinder Gill, Sabrina Quigley and Jessica Dickens.

About Jessica Dickens

I am an English Language Arts, Drama, Film Studies and ESL teacher in Vancouver, BC. I have recently begun a new position at a new private secondary school called Alexander Academy in downtown Vancouver. I am building a curriculum for each of my classes and creating my department from scratch. It is incredibly challenging and rewarding. I live in downtown Vancouver with my husband, Jordan, a freelance illustrator. I am a pop culture addict with a passion for classic films, modern television and all kinds of music. I would much rather spend an evening on Netflix than on a campground, so I am not your typical Vancouverite. I am hoping to finish MET in August 2014.
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3 Responses to Writing and Typing in the Modern Classroom

  1. mbourdon says:

    I love the format you chose. It allowed me to scan the subtopics and view subjects that i found interesting. Writing has definitely changed in the modern classroom.
    It is interesting to consider the different affordances of using a technology such as Prezi and what they offer. With the click of a button you can see multiple pages or zoom into one particular page. I love it, but have never created one on my own. Your project has inspired me to use Prezi with my students. We can post writing in a new way that will allow my students to use skills that are more relevant to their daily lives.
    Great work!

    • Jessica Dickens says:

      Thanks so much, Amanda. Prezi can make everything more engaging and interesting. There are also a lot of previously designed Prezis you can use or learn from.

  2. grants says:

    Great presentation! I like how the format showed the overall content at a glance, allowing the viewer to choose the order and sections to focus on. Cell phones have become an issue in my college as well and, as you say, can be a point of contention between students and instructors and a waste of class time. I strongly agree with the presentation’s message that we need to embrace these technologies, use them to engage learners, and teach using the affordances the students know and enjoy.

    However, I like that your presentation gives equal time and importance to traditional forms of printing and cursive writing as students also need these skills. Your presentation clearly shows the need for teaching students multiliteracies, harnessing their current ability with technology, and teaching skills that allow them to use it most effectively.


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