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Making Connections – Finding Balance & Meaning In Text Driven Societies

Hi All, In order to make this a useful reflection and connection piece, I will try to pull out some key themes that resinated with me during this course and make an important connection between the ubiquitous nature of text … Continue reading

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Analyzing Julius Caesar through the lens of Ong’s Orality Framework

In his investigation of oral cultures in Orality and Literacy, Ong (1982) attempts to identify knowledge-sharing characteristics unique to these pre-literate societies. Many conclusions are drawn from literature that has been produced from “residually oral cultures,” cultures in which most … Continue reading

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Commentary on the Psychodynamics of Orality Chap. 3

In the introduction to Walter Ong’s text on “Orality and Literacy” (1982) he indicates to the reader that hindsight is twenty-twenty when deconstructing history. The author explores the idea that we, as a culture, had no understanding of how orality … Continue reading

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Commentary 1 – Orality and Literacy – Lisa Nevoral

Introduction Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy brings forward a compelling argument how writing has played a large role in shaping human consciousness (1982).  He writes in a “matter of fact” and authoritative manner, which makes the reader feel that what … Continue reading

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