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Making Connections… A Final Reflection

ETEC 540 – Text Technology Reflections: Although I found this course presented me with some personal challenges, mostly in the form of the amount of reading, I also found the course to be relevant and interesting. Looking back and reflecting, … Continue reading

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Dumpr and Done…

For my Rip, Mix, Feed task, I initially thought that I would try Kerpoof because I am horrible at drawing, so perhaps a cartooning program would be valuable. When I clicked the link, it took me to the site, but … Continue reading

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Telephones: Then and Now

Hi Everyone, Over the last 60 years the telephone has come to be one of the most important technologies that exists today. From telephone booths to the first car phone, the telephone industry has been reshaped numerous times. In the … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Telephone

The Evolution of the Telephone The impact on language and communication in the pre-digital age by: E. Monks & M. Waters The following timeline and linked documents provide a summary of the evolution of the telephone before the age of … Continue reading

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A Weaker Memory?

Since Plato, perhaps even earlier, there have been fears regarding the absolute benefits of writing. Postman (1992) recounts the story of “The Judgement of Thamus” whereby Thamus issues dire warnings regarding his beliefs surrounding writing. As with all changes and … Continue reading

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Hello and Intro – Eileen

pic: from flickr This is going to sound totally cliche but I chose this image because when I saw this picture it promoted me to think of the original reasons I entered the ‘texting/technology’ mobility world; so that I could … Continue reading

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