Dumpr and Done…

For my Rip, Mix, Feed task, I initially thought that I would try Kerpoof because I am horrible at drawing, so perhaps a cartooning program would be valuable. When I clicked the link, it took me to the site, but just seemed to hang there. After several attempts to load Kerpoof, I thought I would give Dumpr a try. I’ve heard several other people talk about the Dumpr program and how easy it was to create/recreate interesting alterations to already existing pictures, but had not yet even visited the site. Each term, I have been trying to give my students the opportunity to present projects in novel formats, which means that I need to have a new tool or two to show them each time. Now seemed the perfect time to give this tool a chance to see what it was all about. The first thing that I noticed on the landing page, was that this ‘free to try’ site had many different altering options available, each with an example. Without even creating an account, I was able to use the tool. I tried out most of the Dumpr picture effects, using a number of different personal pictures so that I could get a feel for the quality of re-creations. Once I had a number of examples and went to save, I noticed that the site had what appeared to be a 10 picture maximum for the free version. Thankfully, I tried the ‘save image as’ function, and saved my favorites (see below) onto my laptop as a JPEG. I found this program to be extremely easy and fun to use, I loved that it was free, but most of all I am certain that my students will thoroughly enjoy ‘playing’ with their pictures as a new option for projects.


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