Rip. Mix. Feed.

 Image Asim18

▪  What motivated you to explore the application you used?

Before this experiment, I think I have never expressed my opinion with only fixed images. I chose Dumpr, because I wanted to examine how the process is different in doing without narratives or texts.

▪  What have you attempted to achieve in your project?

I attempted to represent the current relationships between technologies and us in which sometimes we are not aware of technologies leading our view of the world.

▪  What are the particular affordances (for knowledge mobilization, learning, etc) of the form of production you’ve selected in relation to previous forms of production we’ve considered in this course?

 This online photo effects program inspires us to explore the images that we recreate on the web. In the process of  finding and remixing images, we seek the meanings that we would like to convey through incorporating the multiple images found throughout the Internet. When we represent our own idea only through texts and narratives, I noticed that we directly choose the words that most fit in, and do not define meanings as we do through images. In the remixed images, the meanings are more flexible depending on the viewers, and Dumpr allows us to share the products and seek feedbacks from the viewers.

 ▪  What are the potential drawbacks?

The remixing process was automatic, and it is easy and fast. On the other hand, if we could explore the process of remixing more, we can experience the small effects adding different meanings to the same materials. The more the remix culture is advanced, the more it will become harder to consider what is original or what is the “reality”.

Image Asim18

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