This was a great activity which gave my the chance to explore various tools to see which ones would be useful in my teaching practices. In the end, I created a cartoon using Kerpoof because it was different from what many people had done. It is a simple program which allows you to tell a story using pictures and text. You can insert a background, characters, objects etc. It would be a lot of fun for younger students and a great way for them to practice their story retelling skills. But the program’s limitations are evident. One thing I do not like is having to create a user account. For students this is challenging because the younger ones do not have email addresses and have to be able to input an adults.

Other drawbacks of the program include the limited ability to turn the page while reading the story. You must click, hold and drag the page. This particular affordance was challenging for me because I was used to a one click -turn the page- response. I had a few minutes of…”did i spend all this time creating this and it doesn’t even work?” panic, until I figured it out. Other limiting affordances include the site tools which only allow you to move an image in certain directions, causing an inability to create certain effects.

You can copy the link into your browser, since i can’t upload it directly.

A great experience! Amanda

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I am originally from Toronto, Canada. I currently live and teach in Guatemala and love to spend my free time exploring the outdoors.
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