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The Judgement of Postman: The benefits and drawbacks of technological innovations

Postman introduces his book, Technopoly with chapter one, The Judgement of Thamus, in which he attacks American media and television. Postman’s main argument in this chapter is that new technologies alter the structure of our interests including the things we … Continue reading

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Teachnology: The Role of Teachers When Teaching with Technology

As technology changes, so do our lives. It is obvious technology changes the way we communicate, but it is also changing our culture in ways we might not realize. We are constantly making a bargain of some sort because for … Continue reading

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Technology: Postman vs. a ‘Winner’

In “The Judgement of Thamus” from the book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman presents a critical view of technological changes and advances. One area that he discusses is the many of the costs or problems that … Continue reading

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Text, technology, and representations/expressions…

As a photographer this was not a fun assignment because it required me to disengage my creative mind and settle for whatever I could find that was “good enough”. I had another image in mind, but copyright restrictions prevented me … Continue reading

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