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Connecting the Present with the Future…

In reading this past week’s reading and the glut of information we are receiving, especially text based information, made me think.  What are the affordances that this has brought to our online courses?   There is a lot more reading … Continue reading

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Summative rip.mix.feed in After Effects

I have posted my “story” on YouTube:  I was motivated to use After Effects and Premiere by Adobe as they are  applications where I can achieve a semi-professional result and polish.  I used After Effects for the special effects and … Continue reading

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Cinematic Impact on Literacy and Education

Cinematic Impact on Literacy and Education Timeline by Marc Aubanel, Jessica Dickens & Kimberly Wagner We created a Timeline for our research project which allowed us to use a multi-modal format for presenting our work. There is a combination of … Continue reading

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Deduction or Induction

The course website that we are using applies a deterministic computer algorithm. This algorithm requires deductive reasoning. If A = B and B = C, then A must equal C. This top down reasoning allows for logical constructs where with … Continue reading

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Social Text

Text and technology has given everyone the ability to publish and join the conversation. It is a way to both express individuality and add to the collective. We are reverting back to oral traditions of reflecting upon and altering information … Continue reading

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