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Rip Mix Feed

What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used? I originally was going to use Pixton to create a comic because I have used it before.  As I went to login under the educational license that I had originally signed … Continue reading

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The Invention of Radio

History When radio was invented, its primary use was for communication between people that were usually great distances apart.  Early uses for radio were limited to military and marine communication in the early 1900’s.    The actual inventor of the radio … Continue reading

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Adapting to External Sources of Information

“Those who use writing will become forgetful, relying on an external resource for what they lack in internal resources.  Writing weakens the mind.” (Ong 1982, 79) As Ong describes in Chapter 3 in “Orality and Literacy”(1982), the advent of writing … Continue reading

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Introduction: Mike Singh I chose this image for several reasons.  Firstly, as Scholes discovered, the common theme in regards to the Greek origin of the word text is creation or birth.  What better day to celebrate birth than your birthday?  Also, the … Continue reading

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